DIY without Breaking the Bank

DIY without Breaking the Bank

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It is widely believed that doing things yourself is cheaper than paying someone to do it for you. This is often the case as instead of spending £50 per hour of labour involved on top of the cost of the materials you need, when you do something yourself you pay yourself in something much more rewarding than money – learning a new skill and acquiring a sense of job satisfaction. However if you’re not careful you can easily spend big money on DIY projects throughout the house – which pretty much defeats the object.


Don’t do DIY for the Sake of it

You’ve probably heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. When it comes to saving money on DIY this is definitely the case. Fixing or improving something that doesn’t need it is a waste of time. It is also a completely avoidable expense. Your time will be better spent learning to do the things that you may need to do in the future. Either that or giving something else the attention that it really needs.


Use the Best DIY Tool Available – Information

DIY has been a thing for many decades, which means there have become many experts over time. This means that in addition to the fact that there are many books written on the subject, there will also be a lot of (perhaps older), wiser people than yourself who will be able to help you with your issue. That way you can fix that leaky tap, repair that burst pipe or redecorate that tatty-looking bedroom without having to pay a fortune to do it. In the unlikely event that you’re unable to find someone who can help then why not use one of the best tools available in modern times – the internet. There are quite literally millions of free resources including how-to guides and videos for just about anything DIY-related out there. You just have to read, watch and learn to become proficient in almost anything.


Don’t blow your Money on Power Tools

It probably seems cool and manly to have all those dangerous looking power tools in your garage. But is it really worth the hassle, effort and mental energy in owing such tools? Especially if you’re only going to use them a handful of times. A drill is something that will be used many times for the average DIYer. In this case it’s well worth purchasing one. Unless you’re a carpenter you really don’t need to buy a circular saw just to make a couple of cuts. You’ll be far better off hiring such a tool for a couple of days. Or even better, borrowing one from a friend or relative.


Shop Around

Different retailers charge different prices for different items. If you shop around for everything from tools to paint you can save money, and you will normally find that it isn’t very difficult to do. Chain DIY stores are handy in that they are everywhere and they can delivery promptly, but this convenience factor comes at a price. You will be better off going to a small independent DIY shop or buying from somewhere that serves the building and trade industry instead of relying on B&Q to persuade you to buy what you think is a bargain.


Know your Limits

Knowing your limits is not the same as admitting defeat. Smart people know what they can and cannot do. Smart people will also pay people to do the job better when it is necessary. For specialist trades it is always an idea to have your work checked by a qualified professional. Examples are plumbing and electrical work. Even when the work isn’t potentially dangerous it’s worth the small outlay to pay a professional. The cost of damage done by not completing the work properly will be higher.


Do Half the Job

There’s no law saying that if you pay someone to do the job then you have to pay them for the entire job. You can do a lot of the labour yourself before you hire the professionals. A great example of this is when you have new carpets fitted. Fitting a carpet requires skill if you want a good job, however putting down underlay does not. They are both quite labour intensive jobs, so why not save yourself some money by buying and fitting the underlay yourself, and then having a professional fit the carpet on top. The money you save on the labour of fitting the underlay means that you can buy better quality underlay and carpet, or just save yourself a few hundred pounds.

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