How to host a healthy family dinner without breaking the bank

Host a Healthy Family Meal without breaking the Bank

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Christmas dinner can be expensive enough when you’re just cooking for a family of four, but when the entire extended clan descends upon you for Boxing Day lunch and you’re expected to feed 12 people on a shoestring, things get even trickier. Luckily, with some advance planning, it is possible to feed every aunt, uncle and cousin without resorting to sodium-stuffed ready meals. Here are our top tips for feeding your family healthy home-cooked meals this Christmas.

Ask everyone to bring a dish

The concept of the ‘pot-luck’ gathering is much more popular over in the US, but it’s a great way to take the pressure off hosting. Ask everyone to bring a dish – leave it up to them to decide what they bring – and delight in the surprise of your unique lunch spread on the day. It’s a fun way to include everybody and get everyone sharing their best recipes, and it spreads out the cost of the meal fairly. You should also get enough variety on the table to suit all diets: low cal, gluten-free, veggie, you name it.

Make plans for leftovers

When’s the last time you fed more than six people and didn’t have food left over at the end of the meal? It’s always better to make too much food than risk letting your guests go hungry, but make sure you’ve got some healthy meal plans at the ready to ensure Aunt Marge’s leftover parsnip mash doesn’t go to waste. Quiches, omelettes, pasta sauces and risottos are all great, nutritious ways to use up bits and pieces that you don’t have bigger plans for.

Lots of vegetables

If in doubt, the answer is always ‘lots of vegetables’. Did you know around half of your plate should be filled with vegetables, and only a quarter each with meat and starchy carbs? Sticking to these portion sizes will not only ensure your family get plenty of minerals on their plates this year, but will also keep your food bills down, too; just try comparing the cost of carrots per kilogram to turkey breast and you’ll be munching down your greens in no time.

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